28 North Head Chef Kyle Hash was recently invited to showcase his talents in the kitchen at the Gordon Foods Show VIP Reception at the Hyatt Regency in Orlando. Hash competed against two other James Beard-nominated chefs from the Tampa and St. Petersburg area.

He prepared a dish of roasted pork loin, celery root puree, sage vinaigrette, peach mostarda, and a salad of bitter greens and pickled peaches. He called it his rendition of a “Pork Chop with Applesauce.” After nearly 100 attendees cast their votes, Hash was selected as the winner, earning his charity of choice, The Children’s Hunger Project, a $5,000 check. Following the competition, Gordon Foods Service presented Chef Hash with a check for $5,000. Hash then presented the check to Keith Gee, Director of The Children’s Hunger Project. 

In July of this year, Hash also attended the 2019 Markon/Mushroom Council Blended Burger Chef Summit Recipe Contest in Monterrey, California. Chef Hash has been the Head Chef at 28 North since its opening in February 2019. Before this, he worked as the Chef at 28 North’s sister restaurant Pizza Gallery & Grill.