Brunch Menu

Brunch is every Sunday 10am – 2pm

Brunch Salads

Burrata & Berries (Vegetarian, GF) – 13
local greens, macerated berries, balsamic, black pepper tuile

Marinated Citrus (Vegetarian, GF) – 10 
fresh garlic, local greens, citrus, compressed fennel, whipped goat cheese

Brunch Sammies

Breakfast Burger – 12
fried egg, crispy shallots, house made bacon, cheddar cheese, tomato jam

Short Rib Reuben – 15
swiss, brussels kraut, house-made 1000

Fried Mortadella – 12 (our “fancy” bologna sandwich) garlic aioli, pickles, house-made mustard

Fried Pork Chop – 15 bone in pork chop, pickled collard green and brussel slaw carolina gold bbq, pickles

Brunch Sides

Biscuits & Gravy aged cheddar, short rib gravy – 6

Hash Browns (Vegetarian, GF) – 6
sour cream, caramelized onions, tomato jam

Deviled Eggs – 6
bacon, crispy shallots, mustard, pickles

Yogurt Bowl (Vegetarian, GF) – 7
fruit, honey, house made granola

Bacon (GF) – 4
house bacon, brown sugar glaze, smoked salt

Boardwalk Fries (Vegetarian, GF) – 6
garlic aioli poutine +5 | poutine & eggs +7

Brunch Toasts

Avocado (Vegan) – 15
artisan bread, avocado, radish, tomatoes, olive oil, smoked salt, roasted poblano crema, bitter greens
bacon +2 | house smoked pompano +4

Mushroom (Vegan) – 16
confit mushrooms, truffled ricotta, fried shallots,
poached egg

Clam – 15
roasted garlic, charred tomatoes, arugula,
smoked ricotta

Peach & Serrano – 14
pickled peaches, burrata, pickled serranos,
raspberry fluid gel, arugula

Brunch Entrees

Frittes – (aka fries with your choice of topping)
Steak – demi, radish pico – 21
Mussels – white wine, pickled pearl onions – 12
Clams – white wine, roasted tomatoes – 13

Eggs Benedict – 15
english muffin, pork terrine, poached eggs, bacon fat hollandaise, fresh herbs

Shrimp & Grits – 20
Congaree & Penn Grits, pickled serranos,
roasted pearl onions, red eye gravy, guanciale,
fresh herbs

Corned Duck Hash – 16
corned duck breast, crispy potatoes,
sunny side up eggs, truffle vinaigrette, toast

Chicken & Waffles – 18
bacon fat waffle, chicken reduction, pickles, local honey and pepper drizzle

Four Run Homer – 10
two eggs, bacon, hash browns, toast