Call Ahead Seating

At 28 North we’ve opted for a call ahead seating process that will minimize wait times for destination diners while allowing for walk in guests as well.

Here are the simple steps:(effective 2.11.19)

  1. Call us anytime (including one hour before we open) and our host will inform you of any current wait time.
    If there is a wait and you would like to be added, simply give us the following information:

    1. Your First & Last Name
    2. Your Phone Number
    3. How Many in Your Party
    4. What Time Your Planning on Arriving
  2. If there is a wait, your name will be added to the next chronological position on the list.
    1. If there isn’t a wait, your name will be first on the new list.
    2. When your full party arrives and your name is at the top of the list, you will be sat at the next appropriate table.
  3. Walk-In guests
    1. If there is not a wait, you will be seated immediately.
    2. If there is a wait, we will add your name to the next chronological position on the list. If the names earlier on the list haven’t arrived yet, you will be sat immediately.


Large Parties or Special Events

We would love to host your large party or special event!

For any large parties and/or special occasions, Please use the contact form below to email our event coordinator Ericka Hash and she will assist you in making it happen!

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